Swimming Pool Maintenance



During the season, your Commonwealth Aquatics swimming pool technician will visit your pool multiple times per week and perform the following tasks:


  • Vacuum the swimming pool

  • Empty skimmer baskets and pump baskets

  • Clean off pool deck with gas powered blower

  • Backwash filters

  • Check water chemistry and record readings

  • Adjust water chemistry if needed

  • Clean waterline tiles if needed

  • Straighten deck furniture


All of the chemicals associated with keeping your pool clean and sanitized are included in every contract!

While our swimming pool maintenance service is included in our "full management" contracts, your association does not need to utilize lifeguards or swimming pool attendants to take advantage of our swimming pool maintenance service! Commonwealth Aquatics can tailor a maintenance package to fit the needs of your association!

When an association is a "maintenance only" customer, our primary objective is to ensure their swimming pool is crystal clear, chemically balanced and debris free. To help ensure our customers are swimming in a healthy and contaminant free environment, we will provide your pool an automated chemical controller, chemical feed pumps and industrial grade chemical storage tanks. Since this equipment belongs to us, it doesn't cost your association any extra should the controller or feed pumps need repair!